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PS1 REVIEWS: Tales of Destiny II (Eternia)

Being the third game in the series, but only the second game released in the West after Tales of Destiny, this game was mistakingly branded with the Tales of Destiny II moniker as to attract fans of the first PS1 Tales game. This decis...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Site isn't letting me upload gifs sooo, pretend there's a dance gif here! Anywaaays, this week was decent. Started a new training session and learning all sor...


The Persona 5 Blog

Spoilers will be rampant and unmarked.  You have been warned.  This is also a train of thought blog, because you all know how the game is by now, so these are my disorganized thoughts. I really like how swingy the combat feel...


Cblogs of 10/29 to 11/4/2022: 43th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 43 -BRAV0 F1VE reviews the indie darling, Cult of the Lamb. -Manasteel88 made a game as a celebration for this year's Halloween. -Kerrik52 continues their retrospective on the Legacy of Kain series with another deep...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Fridaaaay! And I'm sooo happy it is! I don't want to do anything this weekend. Just relax, game, chill with the gf and pups and my angry cat. Work is going good. Jus...


Extra Life 2022: tGDQ! (Nov 6th!)

Who: All of you!What: tGDQ!  tater Games Done Quick!When: November 6th 9 AM - at least 9 PMWhere: https://twitch.tv/taterchimpWhere (part 2): https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID...


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween you ghouls and goblins out there. I come bearing a treat. I made a game for Halloween. This year has been a bit of a "brush off the hell that we all experienced for 2 years and do things" kind of year so I set the kid ...


Cult of the Lamb Review: In Sheep's Clothing

At first glance, Cult of the Lamb looks inviting, with cute, cuddly anamorphic characters, a cartoonish visual style, and an (initially) whimsical soundtrack.  After peeling back a layer, the game’s darker details are unvei...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 11

Producer: Kazuhiro Tsuchiya Director: Koji Oda Release: 2018 Console: Switch, PS4, Xbox One   After an eight-year hiatus, in which one of the franchise's main founders (Keiji Inafune) left the company and a long-awaited project...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This TGIF marks my 100th blog on Destructoid! Most of which being TGIF's so nothing fancy but still! It's a cool number to hit and crazy to think we've been ...


Every Final Fantasy Game (As a Cake)

Final Fantasy I: Betty Crocker White Cake with Frosting If someone comes up to you and says “I would like a cake” and you present them with a 2 layer, vanilla, box mix cake, everyone will agree: “that is definitely a...


Bayonetta 1 Review

The video review which is way better than reading here!         Bayonetta is action hack-and-slash video game developed by Platinum games and published by Sega in 2009. Compared to this generation the hack-and-slas...


Cblogs of 10/22 to 10/28/2022: 42th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 42 -TroyFullbuster reviews the first Bayonetta game in both a written and video review. -Kerrik52 continues their extensive retrospective of the Legacy of Kain series, with another blog featuring Soul Reaver. -Lord ...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Fridaaay! This was the first full week out of training and boy did I panic plenty lol New guy stress hitting hard but I'm just being a dork and beating myself up. I'...





Anonymous 20

I freaking hate Im on there today, trying to find NFL highlights, and somehow, pops up not one, but TWO spoilers for One, I pretty much figured as Ive played all the mainline GoW But the second? Fuck off YouTube

Sir Shenanigans

Lol Leons just like Sucks to


Lil band at work today, some country swing blues type Lotsa Cash and I went to check em out when they were setting up and dude let me play his gee-tar (beautiful Tele) and all my co-workers were like, holy shit Matts REALLY Felt nice


More food adventures: silken tofu Tofu, cocoa, and monk fruit maple syrup blended and Its really I added in some peanut powder and salt to it and that will be the next batch for sure


@SweatyDungus, just heard of this game might intrest Pretty much seems like a game thats goal was to be a budget Resident Evil Steam user reviews seem quiet postive on

Virtua Kazama

Sonic & SEGA FanJam was fun, but now its time for business! Were going live with the 57th Bi-Weekly for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown!


With the latest round of Activision Blizzard regulator news, I was thinking about what Xbox Studios might have looked like if it was organically acquiring and maintaining its 1st and 2nd party studios over the years and, Room for


Game 41 (I think) of 2022 is Metal: I love rhythm games, and this is no Excellently done game, with a huge focus on having


ended up starting tactics ogre


FF 3/6 review thus far, after playing for hours: is FF8: 50+ hrs, cool but spend most of the time in menus thinking about them Like the story, world, and characters so far, Squall is slightly less insufferable than


One Drill Gao Juust over halfway done


131 hours and I finally finished Persona 5 Even with all that time, Im kinda sad its over!

Dangus Taargus

Im a chapter further than I got last time I tried to play it (on 5 now), but Im more into The Evil Within this I think I was in the mood for RE4 but didnt actually want to replay This one is thematically awful, but as a GAME its


Puzzle progress: Came up with a series of four that Im quite happy with! With easy backtracking too -- with a few visual tweaks I think I can return to the bullet dodging side of things :)


Ragnarök update: This game has more money than God and Ive had a lot of fun taking down The Callous, The Zealous, The Feared and the Stolid as soon as I The rest brought adds and that shit just dont work when youre


New cards for the collection

Virtua Kazama

Just came back from Sonic & SEGA Met Ryan Drummond, Lisle Wilkerson (voice of Sarah in VF), and Eric Kelso (voice of Jacky in VF), and also won a VF5US Didnt realized that I won


I cant wait to play with my Dyeck (hopefully tomorrow; being shipped to South


20 tread parts later and the initial part of one Drill Gao is There are two gears and a gap in that middle part that the parts are sitting on The tread actually


If anybody was waiting on Sonic Frontiers to get a price drop, its already $39 at Amazon and At least I saw the PS4 and PS5 versions at that


Morning Status:

Kevin Mersereau

Fun Fact: The JPN version of Chrono Trigger on DS has English, works on a US 3DS, and it costs a fraction of a USA Just got this CIB copy for a little over $30, and they gave me stickers!


Played through a good bit of Turbo Overkill Episode 2 and glad to say Episode 2 also has some really good bangers for New tools are really fun and they somehow made a plasma rifle really fun/unique with its alt Fire mode for once in a FPS

Lord Spencer

Defending in Splatoon 3 just doesnt


As of today I have reached life rank Im not sure what unlocks I get, maybe some cosmetic skins or


Current status


When is Final Fantasy too much fantasy?


I guess you can see it as a early Christmass or Novemember present, I have a bunch of steam game codes if anybody wants any of them!Games are Eldest Souls,UnMetal Morbid the Seven Acoylste Shadow Tatics Aiko and all games in image game in com


Current Status:


One more in honor of PiL was John Lydons real Their first three albums completely reshaped the way I approached music and They were absolute shit in the best way Also, Keith founded The Clash with Joe


Pro-Tip: You can plug a USB mouse or wireless mouse dongle into the Switchs dock and play Tactics Ogre with mouse 🐁 I wonder how many other games let you do Have a great day!


The development team of Ballads of Hongye shares a heartwarming Pre-launch Concept


Im just going to start off by saying, if you dont have a Japanese copy of Elevator Action Returns for your modded, or Japanese SEGA wrong with you? Its just $200 for a Japanese copy, and you need a Saturn that can play all regions! Duh!


This has been a beautiful For those who think America’s hopelessly split, what I just experienced proves it More in comments


And Im done! Thanks for everyone who watched and donated! Now Im going to have And maybe listen to a UPDATE: Because you can never game TOO much, I ended up playing like 3 more hours of Warframe Now I go pass


Pokemon scarlet so far is pretty HERE ARE MY GAMEPLAY VIDEOS FOR SPOILERS:

Inquisitive Raven

Looks like Deviantart now is making the AI art database something you opt into, instead of being active by default for each individual What a nice change of heart for a decision that totally wasnt inspired by greed and stupidity!

Kevin Mersereau

I liked Nobody a lot when it released, but after rewatching it tonight, I’m comfortable calling it a stone cold Right up there with RRR in terms of movies I will be revisiting

Anonymous 20

I love it when games account for the dumb shit I might Like, see those creatures over there in the distance? I wonder if my axe can reach I throw my axe, and proceed to get berated for Would never have heard that line Love it


Alright I tried out monster hunter stories 2 on steam and man, why didnt I play these games Its beautiful, the combat is fun though the ride on moves are a bit I immediately bought Stories 1 digitally for $5 on Android cause it


New strategy Im trying out in this Splatfest, which is just not playing at all in the first half where everyone is trying to lose on purpose so they dont get stuck on defense in tricolor


Homemade massaman curry!


Glory to the Blessed Miracle, for I have seen the true ending of Blasphemous!


When Dad speaks, you


RIP Keith Levene, you horrible, scratchy, noisy ass You were quite the influence on


Liner Gao Def the breather part of the build cus oh boy does Drill Gao look

Sweaty Dungus

Signalis just arrived from the other side of the earth on a cozy snowy Excited to curl up with Was not expecting all the extra gimmicks!


In between the Splatfest, and the anime season being as stacked as it has ever been, this is going to be a busy


I said this about Skyrim when it came out 11 years Who knew it was a strand-type game this whole time!