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I freaking hate YouTube. I'm on there today, trying to find NFL highlights, and somehow, pops up not one, but TWO spoilers for Ragnarok. One, I pretty much figured as I've played all the mainline GoW games. But the second? Fuck off YouTube


Lil band at work today, some country swing blues type shit. Lotsa Cash and stuff. I went to check em out when they were setting up and dude let me play his gee-tar (beautiful Tele) and all my co-workers were like, "holy shit Matt's REALLY good." Felt nice


More food adventures: silken tofu mousse. Tofu, cocoa, and monk fruit maple syrup blended and chilled. It's really good. I added in some peanut powder and salt to it and that will be the next batch for sure


@SweatyDungus, just heard of this game might intrest you. Pretty much seems like a game thats goal was to be a budget Resident Evil game. Steam user reviews seem quiet postive on ig.


With the latest round of Activision Blizzard regulator news, I was thinking about what Xbox Studios might have looked like if it was organically acquiring and maintaining its 1st and 2nd party studios over the years and, well. Room for improvement.


Game 41 (I think) of 2022 is Metal: Hellsinger. I love rhythm games, and this is no exception. Excellently done game, with a huge focus on having fun.


FF 3/6 review thus far, after playing for 1.5 hours: is enjoyable. FF8: 50+ hrs, cool but spend most of the time in menus thinking about them junctions. Like the story, world, and characters so far, Squall is slightly less insufferable than Cloud.


One Drill Gao done. Juust over halfway done now.


131 hours and I finally finished Persona 5 Royal. Even with all that time, I'm kinda sad it's over!


I'm a chapter further than I got last time I tried to play it (on 5 now), but I'm more into The Evil Within this attempt. I think I was in the mood for "RE4" but didn't actually want to replay it. This one is thematically awful, but as a GAME it's legit.


Puzzle progress: Came up with a series of four that I'm quite happy with! With easy backtracking too -- with a few visual tweaks I think I can return to the bullet dodging side of things :)


Ragnarök update: This game has more money than God and Ive had a lot of fun taking down The Callous, The Zealous, The Feared and the Stolid as soon as I could. The rest brought adds and that shit just don't work when you're underlevelled.


New cards for the collection


Just came back from Sonic & SEGA FanJam. Met Ryan Drummond, Lisle Wilkerson (voice of Sarah in VF), and Eric Kelso (voice of Jacky in VF), and also won a VF5US tournament. Didn't realized that I won undefeated.


I can't wait to play with my Dyeck (hopefully tomorrow; being shipped to South Texas).


20 tread parts later and the initial part of one Drill Gao is done. There are two gears and a gap in that middle part that the parts are sitting on btw. The tread actually works.


If anybody was waiting on Sonic Frontiers to get a price drop, it's already $39 at Amazon and GameStop. At least I saw the PS4 and PS5 versions at that price.


Morning Status:


Fun Fact: The JPN version of Chrono Trigger on DS has English, works on a US 3DS, and it costs a fraction of a USA copy. Just got this CIB copy for a little over $30, and they gave me stickers!


Played through a good bit of Turbo Overkill Episode 2 and glad to say Episode 2 also has some really good bangers for music. New tools are really fun and they somehow made a plasma rifle really fun/unique with its alt Fire mode for once in a FPS game.


Defending in Splatoon 3 just doesn't work.


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